Kramer to Step Down as NIC CEO, Jurutka to Replace

Kramer, left, and Jurutka Kramer, left, and Jurutka

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Robert Kramer, the longtime CEO of The National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care (NIC), has announced that he will transition to the role of “founder and strategic advisor” effective July 17. Brian Jurutka, the center’s president for the past two years, will add CEO duties to his current responsibilities.

Based in Annapolis, NIC is a nonprofit data and reporting service that works exclusively with seniors housing.

Having worked with NIC’s board of directors on a succession plan for more than two years, Kramer identified Jurutka as a leader who understood how increased transparency and access to data could help NIC transform the future of seniors housing and care, according to a press release from NIC. The CEO transition was approved late last fall by the NIC board of directors.

After 27 years at the helm, Kramer will continue working full-time for NIC. In his new role he will focus on building relationships healthcare partners, developing program content and advising on specific research initiatives. 

“Bob Kramer’s passion, energy, and strategic vision created an organization that dramatically contributes to improved transparency and quality in seniors housing and care,” says Brad Razook, president of CS Capital Advisors and chair of NIC’s board of directors. “He built an organization whose brand is synonymous with trust, excellence and innovation. With his experience in data systems and analytics, Brian Jurutka is a talented leader and innovator who is the right successor to Bob at NIC.”

Jurutka was a surprise hire when his role as president was announced in August 2015. He is a U.S. Naval Academy graduate and former nuclear submarine officer. Although he had more than two decades of experience in data analytics, operations and business development, he was coming over from the telecom industry and had no seniors housing experience. (Click here to read our SHB Interview with Jurutka)

Jurutka is now charged with evolving NIC’s services to meet the needs of investors and operators in a changing environment—for example, the closer and more deliberate integration of non-real estate based services, including healthcare with housing. He intends to diversify data analytics and research products NIC offers, expand the scope of NIC conferences to generate added value among more constituencies, and expand NIC’s educational content delivery platform.

“I am honored and humbled to follow in Bob’s footsteps. Working beside him for the past two years has given me a front row seat to learn from him and continue his work,” said Jurutka. “Changes in demographics, healthcare delivery pathways and payment models, and technology will create opportunities for seniors housing and care. While our core mission won’t change, as the landscape shifts we’ll evolve to ensure we meet the changing needs.”

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